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Segmant Design: We design your ideas - Segmant Design
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Segmant Design

i’m a graphic designer

just a few things before we begin; no, you cant edit my work in Word; i cannot teach you how to design your website; Papyrus, Comic Sans and Brush Script are not cool ‘alphabets’; re-branding your company will cost more than £30; i don’t do half days; no, the red can’t be a little more green; you can’t use Google on your homepage; you have to actually pay for images; i can’t make your cat look like the ‘funny one’ off of YouTube; it won’t take ‘just a minute’; i will not use words like amorphous, juxtaposed and contemporary  to explain why i’ve designed your logo using ‘small’ letters; ‘just have fun with it’ makes me want to do the exact opposite.

to see my work, ask me

i also write small
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